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Jeff Bezos’ rocket company Blue Origin launches its space tourism rocket

Blue Origin launched its reusable rocket New Shepard, carrying a space capsule equipped with a human-like dummy and scientific experiments, to the edge of space for the eighth time on April 29.

The spacecraft reached an altitude of 351,000 feet (107 kilometers, 66 miles), which founder Jeff Bezos called “One Step Closer” in a post-mission tweet.

Thunderstorms delayed the launch by several hours, but that didn’t stop New Shepard from taking off at the company’s Texas test facility,  flew into space, and completed a a rocket-assisted landing.

This is very impressive and brings Blue Origin “One Step Closer” to delivering cargo, science and eventually humans into space on a regular basis.

Congrats go out to all those involved, good job!

You can watch a video of the launch here:


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