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Gooper Hermetic Ltd Chosen for a NASA Space Technology Development Program

TEL AVIV, Israel, July 23, 2018  —

Gooper Hermetic Ltd was chosen by Canada’s Thin Red Line Aerospace to provide key technology for a NASA project requiring the highest performance, resealable gas- and liquid-tight closure. The Thin Red Line advanced research project seeks to develop critical containment technology for future NASA deep space missions. Gooper Hermetic’s insights will be applied to extend the capabilities of their patented magnetic closure system to the unforgiving environment of deep space where technology reliability is critical.

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Business relationships

Gooper’s innovative technology is now fast becoming integrated into a multitude of products where safety and reliability are of the highest concern. In seeking to expand its business and OEM/ODM integration across a variety of market segments, Gooper Hermetic welcomes the opportunity to Co-Brand and develop new and exciting projects and products ranging from space technology through military development and high end swimwear with integrated waterproof pockets.

Current ongoing projects include:

Military: Development of new solutions for tactical gear equipment, making noiseless and weatherproof closure systems and attachments in collaboration with
Space technology: Development on going with
Swimwear shorts: Development on going with
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About Gooper

Gooper Hermetic invented and patented the first and only “total protection” flexible, magnetic, self-sealing automatic closure that is waterproof, Thief-proof, Child-proof, Odor-proof and Gas-proof, yet easy to use and intuitively simple. Just like many novel ideas, Gooper started in a back yard garage and its owners spent years on R&D to make it the best sealing and “all proof” system available.

“Our goal was to keep it simple yet highly reliable, and so, the concept of “Just let go” became the holy grail: a self-sealing waterproof/all proof system that seals itself and requires no action by the end user. We wanted to ensure that a 100% hermetic seal will accrue each and every time so we had to eliminate the possibility of human error or misuse” said Gooper Hermetic CEO/founder Philip Naftali.

Using strong Neodymium magnets and encapsulating them within a TPU flexible strip ensured that no moisture would ever reach the magnets, and consequently will never rust. Gooper Hermetic designed the sealing mechanism as a single unit with no clips or detached parts in order to ensure that the system will never break down due to loose or missing parts. These two technical features allowed Gooper Hermetic to extend to its customers a warranty ranging from 5 years to a life time warranty.

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