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NASA to Launch 3d Printer to Space Station. Will Research Building Tools, Eventually Human Habitats For Mars.

by William W.on May 31, 2013
In preparation for a future where parts and tools can be printed on demand in space, NASA and Made in Space Inc. of Mountain View, Calif., have joined to launch equipment for the first 3-D microgravity printing experiment to the International Space Station. If successful, the 3-D Printing in Zero G Experiment (3-D Print) will [...]

NASA Testing 3D Printers in Space To Build Spacecraft and Satellites

by William W.on September 22, 2012
Spiderfab is a new concept introduced by NASA and Tethers Unlimited that could change the way that space craft are built in the near future. In theory it will be more efficient to build large structures in space rather than trying to find a launch vehicle large enough to accommodate such an undertaking of this scale. It [...]