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Paypal is set announce a payment program for space tourists later this month, which will be known as PayPal Galactic. PayPal has been working with the NASA, the Space Tourism Society and the SETI Institute on Paypal Galactic.

PayPal will announce the framework of the program on June 27. A NASA spokesperson said, “I don’t have any info on that yet; we probably won’t say anything until the official announcement later this month.”

To be a space tourist in todays market you need to have an excess of money, no average person will have an extra $250,000 for a seat aboard a Virgin Galactic flight, which over 600 people have already paid for.

Paypal’s system would be the first of its kind, allowing passengers aboard space craft to make purchases while gazing out amongst the stars.

It’s not known when Paypal Galactic will get off the ground but I’ll make sure to let you know when there is more information available.

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Source: WSJ