New Tesla Charging Stations are Opening on the East Coast of US

Elon Musk‘s Tesla fast charging stations have officially hit the East Coat in Connecticut and Delaware. California isn’t the only place that you can quick charge your Tesla cars in about 30 minutes anymore. Tesla has installed chargers at two spots in Milford, Conn., and Wilmington, Del.


This is an essential part of Musk’s plan to cover America with charging stations so there would be no reason to have worries about battery drain or get stranded in the middle of no where. He wants you to be able to drive coast to coast with no worries.

This new East Coast 480-volt Supercharger corridor is important, you will be able to drive from Boston to Washington. This will help Tesla spread to more of the country, customers have been wary of buying a new Tesla car because there were no charging stations in their area. These charging stations will offer drivers 150 miles on a 30 minute quick charge. The design of the East Coast stations are more modest than their Western counterparts, sitting along side petrol stations at rest stops close to other amenities.


Other electric cars can be equipped to use the supercharging stations, though Tesla has built the latest properties to be exclusive for the Model S. In the future all Tesla models will be able to super charge.

Source: NYT

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  1. Vasco Regula says:

    What these need are a store like WAWA, have a good store for people to shop in while their car charges.

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