NASA to face 1.3 Billion Dollar Cut Under Discretionary Sequestration

A budget forecast shows that the defense department isn’t the only department getting hammered, NASA is as well if the automatic budget cuts happen.

According to Nature magazine, NASA will lose “$417 million from its science budget, $346 for space operations, $309 for exploration, $246 for cross agency support, among other cuts.”

Hunter Rawlings, President of the Association of American Universities said,“Today’s OMB report confirms the worst,” “A budget sequester would have a terrible short- and long-term impact on the nation’s investments in scientific research and education.”

The report by the White House’s Office of Management and Budget and other details show the automatic cuts for all federal agencies if Congress and the White House cannot agree.

The Defense Department has gotten most of the attention so far, which would get the most cuts.  NASA would see 8 percent cut.

Congress and the White House can still pull together and make a deal, most economists say that it will happen and will help fend off another recession.

William W.

I am an amateur astronomer with a focus on astrophotography and deep space objects. I have 15+ years in the web publishing business and over 20 years as a space enthusiast. I enjoy reading and writing about the amazing discoveries of brilliant scientists and engineers.

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  1. JOHN says:



  2. Cowboy Coder says:

    Let’s reduce the War Department’s funding to $0, bring the troops home, and save over $1 trillion. Take 1/10 of that and finance a manned Mars mission.

    Problem solved.

    Unless you believe that it is critical the US continue to wage war against half the world.

    • Lucas Bluecat says:

      How do we protect our oil in the middle east then?

    • How much do you actually know about that? Maybe you need to rethink your strategy. Doing that to the “war budget” would obviously make our military nothing, thus making our nation a target with the weakest military force. On top of that, you would have all the troops that just lost jobs and are now depending on Unemployment until they can possibly find a job(not a guarantee that they will due to the sudden influx of people looking in a market where it is already hard to find jobs) pulling the government that much farther in debt, and now they would all mostly be extremely disgruntled.

      And while a manned mars mission is great, dont you think it would be advisable to first try and fix some issues on american soil first before we spoil the martian soil? I love space, and science by far to an extreme amount, but If we cant afford something that is not a necessity then lets not spend on it, and instead focus on the massive debt we have to places like china and start putting businesses here in the States back in American hands and not having others(China) have them. Lets get a president that actually will push this country to be better than the one who is currently trying to get this country to become a 3rd world country.

      Things we need to stop wasting money on, are stuff like paying ridiculous amounts of money on welfare and paying for every Joe Shmo that cant get a job because they are to lazy to world, stop taxing the self employed business owner to such a high amount so that they can actually help push money back in the economy. Do I think we should cut spend in the middle east down? Oh very much so, especially on the amount we spend on contractors that go over there because they get such a good check(which sickens me because a lot of them dont barely do work worth the amount they get paid(btw i say this from a soldiers side that has been there, and seen this first hand)).

      Many things need to change, but it is not going to be a simple “just cut the war budget to zero” as you say. To say this shows a lack of understanding the gravity of this entire problem. It isnt just one thing that needs to change. Its many…

  3. Alex B. says:

    Sigh…its not like we spend money on space and get nothing back. It has been proven time and time again that money invested in space exploration gives rise to future inventions that essentially pays for the program itself (and even more) in the long run. Its hard for us to imagine such things being the tunnel visioned people that we are. If we truly had the ability to pan our view back and look at the picture as a whole, we would see things differently. Don’t look at funding on a yearly basis. Lets look at what space exploration does several years down the road.

    The average consumer lives and walks around buying and living through life not knowing how much space exploration has changed their lives. Cordless tools, smoke detectors, enriched baby food, ear thermometers, protective paint, better pace makers, scratch resistant glass (taken from an article on CNN). Thank you space age inventions for these…

    For years people have been saying that we should fix problems on our planet before we try to visit others but for the love of all that is holy, we will never be satisfied with our countries enough to say “ok now lets pour money into the space program”. Unless people actually believe good will come out of space exploration and not just stuff to make movies out of, we as a society will never feel the need to invest in exploring the unknown. The time is now. Not tomorrow, not a couple years from now when we magically think everything is going to be economically fix. It is NOW.

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