NASA to Cut 1.3 Billion Dollars From Budget Due to Sequestration Starting March 1st 2013


United States President Barack Obama said that the triggering of automated spending cuts slated to begin next month, March 1 2013, could pose grave consequences for the country’s economy.

Pres. Obama spoke to reporters at the White House to make a brief address regarding sequestration, the planned automatic spending cuts that are expected to save around $1 trillion instantly starting March 1.

“There is no reason that the jobs of thousands of Americans who work in national security or education or clean energy — not to mention the growth of the entire economy — should be put in jeopardy,” Obama said. He continued, “There is no doubt we need additional revenue, coupled with smart spending reductions in order to bring down our deficit.”

According to Nature magazine, NASA will lose “$417 million from its science budget, $346 for space operations, $309 for exploration, $246 for cross agency support, among other cuts.”

Hunter Rawlings, President of the Association of American Universities said, “A budget sequester would have a terrible short- and long-term impact on the nation’s investments in scientific research and education.”

The report by the White House’s Office of Management and Budget and other details show the automatic cuts for all federal agencies if Congress and the White House cannot agree.

The Defense Department has gotten most of the attention so far, which would get the most cuts.  NASA would see 8 percent cut.

Congress and the White House can still pull together and make a deal, most economists say that it will happen and will help fend off another recession.

William W.

I am an amateur astronomer with a focus on astrophotography and deep space objects. I have 15+ years in the web publishing business and over 20 years as a space enthusiast. I enjoy reading and writing about the amazing discoveries of brilliant scientists and engineers.

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  1. this is the end of the dream for NASA

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