Mars One Documentary , One Way Astronaut, Puts a Human Face on One Way Mission to Red Planet

[intro]Over 100,000 people have applied to Mars One’s mission to send a crew to Mars on a one way trip. The crew would be the first in the history of humanity to colonize another planet. This documentary style film , One Way Astronaut , captures 4 applicants personal feelings and motives for going to the red planet.[/intro]

Up until now, we haven’t heard much about the applicants other than on the  Mars One  website. Each applicant has sent in an application video that will then be voted on by the general internet public.

The film touches on different aspects of the mission, from the founder, Bas Lansdorp, touring different facilities to find the perfect space suit for the mission to geologists scouting similar areas on Earth that would compare to the unforgiving Martian surface.

mars one landscape

One Way Astronaut gives a few select applicants the unique opportunity to voice their feelings, ideas and reasons for going on the life-long journey. It gives them the spotlight to show the rest of us what is going through their minds, both when they are here on Earth and what they may be feeling when they get to our red neighbor, 54.6 million Kms away.

Each one of these possible future Mars astronauts has a unique story, but they have one thing in common. They want to explore.

They are true adventurers and explorers.

They want to be among the first humans to set foot on a distant planet. They are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for humanity, their lives. They are willing to put all of their Earthly belongings, people they love, experiences and past behind them to accomplish that which most of us would never think of. These few select people will become heroes in the history books of, not only their home country but the history of humanity as a whole.

mars one woman applicant

The engineering of this mission will be a bit different than other missions, because the astronauts won’t be coming back. The engineers will face different problems than space missions in the past because the time an astronaut will be inhabiting the environment will be far greater than previous missions away from Earth.

“You have to build a suit system that’s very robust and reliable.”

The risks are too many to list here but the Mars One crew goes into detail about what kinds of things these adventurers would be up against.

The small things that you and I would never think of, like making a bolt on a space suit uniform so that if there were a hardware failure it would be easy for the small team of astronauts to replace the part easily.

Barry Fingers from Paragon Space Development says in the film “You have to build a suit system that’s very robust and reliable.” He goes on to describe other features of the mission that will be difficult engineering challenges.

barry finger paragon space development

The movie also goes into detail about what humans will need to expect while living and working on Mars for an extended amount of time. The film spends some time at a research facility, Biosphere 2 in Arizona.

The experts speak about how the astronauts will learn to live and work in this kind of self sustaining environment. They even mention how long it will take for the crew of Mars One to make their own pizza while only using self made ingredients, the time will probably shock you.

In the microwave/instant food preparation generation that we are in, I don’t think anyone would be ready for this.

mars one habitat

This film is not just another documentary, it touches on subjects that common person wouldn’t think about. I believe this is an important piece of history that deserves to have a documentary, not to boost the egos of the people in the film.

But to boost the morale of the worldwide community to push this project forward and help Mars One achieve something that governments with multi-billion dollar space programs could not and would not do.

Mars One, with this support can overcome all the obstacles in front of them and safely land a crew of astronauts on Mars. This crew will be the first in human-kind to colonize another planet.

Please go take a look for yourself and watch this film.

After you watch the film please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

William W.

I am an amateur astronomer with a focus on astrophotography and deep space objects. I have 15+ years in the web publishing business and over 20 years as a space enthusiast. I enjoy reading and writing about the amazing discoveries of brilliant scientists and engineers.

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