Elon Musk and SpaceX Wants to Send Humans to Mars

In this video from ABC news Nightline Program Elon Musk says that Space X is planning on sending humans to mars by roughly 2025.

Elon states that he wants to make a trip to the Red Planet affordable for an average American Family. Affordable, he later said,  is “no more than half a million dollars”.  Considering that this would be a trip to another planet, I personally don’t think 500,000 dollars USD is a bad price.

He uses the word family which means that he is planning on sending generations of people to the red planet to save their lineage. After all, people would need a family unit to accompany them to make Mars feel like a home.

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If SpaceX can pull this off it will be an amazing step for human kind. Imagine booking a trip to Mars to live out your remaining days. The risk would be immense, but the reward of being a pioneer would be immeasurable.

Elon elaborates with, “It will be the most difficult thing man kind has ever done.”

He also laughs that the biggest payload on the test Dragon Capsule , the same capsule that flew a mission to the International Space Station was a wheel of cheese.

Don’t be surprised if Elon moves to Mars, he’s stated that he wants to visit the red planet some day.

Another company, Mars One has boasted claims that they want to send a manned mission to Mars. They plan on doing it with the help of advertisers and a reality show.

Could this be the beginning of a new space race between privately owned companies and NASA? Let us know in the comments below.

William W.

I am an amateur astronomer with a focus on astrophotography and deep space objects. I have 15+ years in the web publishing business and over 20 years as a space enthusiast. I enjoy reading and writing about the amazing discoveries of brilliant scientists and engineers.

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27 Responses

  1. Syzygy says:

    Why do people insist on making such grandiose claims with so little to show for it? Why even send an “American Family” to Mars?

    • Neal Shukla says:

      Well the ‘American Family’ is most likely to have the money.

      • Syzygy says:

        My confusion is about the ‘family’ part. There isn’t much happening on Mars. If you want tourism, the moon seems much more realistic. As for science: you don’t need families on Mars. (Not yet, anyway. :))

        • Sirachman says:

          He is talking about sending people one way. If you are going one way, you want families of people. It even says it in the video.. “moving to Mars”.

    • superbowlpatriot says:

      Hey buddy, after you dock a spaceship with a space station, you’re allowed to start making claims this grandiose.

      • Syzygy says:

        I’m not saying he’s not allowed to make these claims. I’m just saying that they are unsubstantiated. There is a long way to go from docking with (somebody else’s) space station, to making Mars a tourist destination.

        • superbowlpatriot says:

          Fair enough, but he could still send a person there in today’s Dragon capsule. I’d guess that the biggest remaining challenges involve psychological preparation, food/water requirements and the question of return.

          • Andrew says:

            Well, no he couldn’t. Not today anyway. Like I said before, he has to man-rate the Dragon, meaning make it suitable for human flight. SpaceX hasn’t done that yet, and they won’t be ready to send humans until 2015. Until then, they’re contracted with NASA to only send cargo.

        • Andrew says:

          You’ve got a point. SpaceX has sent the Dragon into Low Earth Orbit twice, and BERTHING with the ISS only once. Berthing is different than docking, in that in Dragon’s latest demonstration flight, the ISS used a robotic arm that literally captured it and brought it back up to connect with one of its docking modules. Dragon still hasn’t proved that it can dock with anything completely on its own. Keep in mind that it was unmanned, and that man-rating it will apparently take another 2-3 years.

          If they want to get to get anything to Mars, SpaceX still has to develop and test the Falcon Heavy (slated for 2013), which is more of a medium lift rocket than a heavy lift. For comparison, the Falcon Heavy will be able to launch 53 tonnes of payload to LEO, while the Saturn V which only launched humans to the Moon in the 60s and 70s was able to launch 120 tonnes to LEO.

          I love the ambition, the idea, and the aggressiveness from Elon, but his company still has a lot to prove.

    • If anyone can do it, it’s going to be Elon Musk.

      • Syzygy says:

        Ah, thanks. I wasn’t reading it carefully enough.

        • Dragonzord says:

          not even family, he’ll basically be able to do the delivery service for a government led mission to mars in 2025. Tourism, affordable, etc will come much later depending on what they learn from those first missions and how successful he is with his reusable rocket designs

          • Syzygy says:

            Ah, you know, that makes more sense. In fact, my browser blocked the video and I wasn’t aware it was there QQ

      • Willem says:


    • Zaemz says:

      I’m surprised no one has replied with this yet: Why not?

  2. matteroll says:

    Does soviet union include the russian federation?

  3. Fanv says:

    Interesting! I can’t wait to see this happen

  4. Rex says:

    Get it on video, please!

  5. Neil Horning says:

    Why isn’t it mentioned that MarsOne plans to use Spacex to get there?

    • spaceindnews says:

      I believe SpaceX and Mars One are going to make separate attempts to get to Mars.

    • Andrew says:

      SpaceX isn’t technically contracted with Mars One to use their hardware and expertise to fly the missions there. I know on their website Mars One uses artistic rendering of their future Mars base with landers that look extremely similar to the Dragon capsule, but they aren’t partners.

  6. If you like Space-X you should check out Solar System Express (Sol-X)

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