SpaceX is Awarded Launch of German Radar Reconnaissance Satellite System

by William W.on August 8, 2013
Falcon 9 rockets will deliver three-satellite SARah Constellation that will serve German Ministry of Defense Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) will provide the launch services for Germany’s second-generation radar reconnaissance satellite system. The satellites, provided by OHB System AG and Astrium GmbH, will replace the current constellation and will be delivered to orbit by two Falcon [...]

Open Space Hardware to Revolutionize Space Forever

by Zechariah Blanchardon July 4, 2013
The space industry is booming with the introduction of private space companies. SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Planetary Resources, Bigelow Aerospace, Armadillo Aerospace, and so many more are working on privatized space flight. At one time, space belonged to governments alone, but that has changed. With the privatization of space, it is now in the hands of [...]


Paying Tribute to the Past and Focusing on the Future

by Zechariah Blanchardon June 23, 2013
On April 12, 1981 – exactly twenty years after Yuri Gargarin became the first man in space – Columbia lifted off of the launch pad as the first Space Shuttle in NASA’s fleet to venture into orbit. Thirty years later – July 21, 2011 – the Space Shuttle Atlantis ended the era when it safely [...]
paypal galactic

Paypal Working on Payment System for Space Travelers , Paypal Galactic

by William W.on June 13, 2013
Paypal is set announce a payment program for space tourists later this month, which will be known as PayPal Galactic. PayPal has been working with the NASA, the Space Tourism Society and the SETI Institute on Paypal Galactic. PayPal will announce the framework of the program on June 27. A NASA spokesperson said, “I don’t have [...]

bigelow aerospace moon base

NASA and Bigelow Aerospace Make Plans for Moon Base

by William W.on April 20, 2013
NASA and Bigelow Aerospace are in the initial planning phases for a moon base.  “As part of our broader commercial space strategy, NASA signed a Space Act Agreement with Bigelow Aerospace to foster ideas about how the private sector can contribute to future human missions,” Said David Weaver NASA Associate Administrator for the Office of Communications. Photo: [...]


Safety Regulations In The Space Industry

by William W.on March 11, 2013
Since the mid-2000s, the space industry has changed its focus from moving large payloads into space to what appears to be an interest in space tourism. This will necessitate changes in safety regulations as more untrained personnel come into contact with dangerous areas of the space program. As NASA engages private companies to move cargo and eventually provide [...]

German travel agency is selling tickets to a close-up view of rare comet expected to pass Earth this year

by William W.on March 5, 2013
Eclipse Travel joined charter agency Air Partner and airline Air Berlin to organize a flight on March 16th as comet Pan-STARRS flies through the solar system. The Boeing 737-700 flight will fly  36,089 feet altitude for the viewing. An Air Berlin spokesman said only 88 of 144 seats on board will be filled, all window [...]


Millionaire Plans 501 Day Mission to Mars in 2018

by William W.on February 21, 2013
UPDATE: NEW EVIDENCE FOUND THAT SPACEX WILL SUPPLY CAPSULE AND LAUNCH VEHICLE Millionaire Dennis Tito became the first paying customer to make a trip to the International Space Station and now he wants to launch a privately funded mission to Mars in 2018. Dennis paid a reported 20 Million to ride aboard a Russian rocket to [...]


SpaceX Launches First Official Cargo Resupply Mission to Space Station

by William W.on October 8, 2012
Cape Canaveral, FL — Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) today successfully launched its Dragon spacecraft aboard a Falcon 9 rocket on the first official cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station. The launch went off on schedule at 8:35 p.m. ET from Launch Complex 40 in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The SpaceX CRS-1 mission marks the [...]

Russia’s First Private Satellite to Be Launched in 2013

by William W.on September 25, 2012
Russia’s first satellite manufactured and operated by a private company will be launched in 2013, Dauria Aerospace head Mikhail Kokorich told RBK daily. The DX1-class 50-kg satellite will be designed to “fine-tune a satellite platform, monitor the movement of ships in the world’s oceans and test a variety of payloads,” he said. Development of the [...]


Masten Space System’s Xaero Crashes During Test Flight

by William W.on September 12, 2012
The flight appeared to be going well when the 12-foot rocket flew up into the sky. On decent though, something went terribly wrong Masten Space System’s Xaero test rocket exploded during a test flight here at Mojave Air and Space Port.  The vehicle was destroyed during the explosion. The VTOL vehicle launched at about  10:30 [...]

Mars One Receives First Funding for 2023 Manned Mission to Mars

by William W.on August 29, 2012
AMERSFOORT, THE NETHERLANDS, 29 August 2012 – Mars One is pleased to announce receipt of initial funding through sponsorship revenue, a major step towards sending a manned mission to Mars. Mars One is a private Dutch organization whose intent is to land the first humans on Mars in 2023. Following a fully robotic construction of [...]


XCor to set up shop at Kennedy Space Center

by William W.on August 23, 2012
XCOR plans  to build and fly suborbital vehicles in Florida. More specifically they plan on locating to the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida. The firm is currently located in Mojave, California is developing their Lynx space plane for suborbital flights that will debut in 2013. They have plans to fly tourists, researchers and commercial [...]

Mars One – Crazy and it might work

by William W.on August 8, 2012
After this PR  fiasco over at Reddit , where the community ripped into the founder for not being an engineer or scientist, and the whole thing being a scam. Like user MoonTouch said, “Can you provide any proof that you’re not running a hoax?”. And what about that thread over on Slashdot where user DerekLyons stated “after reading their [...]

steve carsey joined Mars One as an advisor

Mars One adds Steve Carsey to Advisor Panel

by William W.on August 8, 2012
Mars one recently posted this to their Facebook Page. Today we welcome a new Mars One adviser: Steve Carsey. He’s a UK television executive with a reputation for creating, developing and producing successful formatted entertainment, factual entertainment and event based programming for the international market. Steve was the first person in the world to broadcast [...]