Accelerating universe? Not so fast

By On April 12, 2015

Certain types of supernovae, or exploding stars, are more diverse than previously thought, a University of Arizona-led team of astronomers has discovered. The results, reported in two papers published in the Astrophysical… Read More

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Complex Organic Molecules Discovered in Infant Star System

By On April 9, 2015

Building blocks of the chemistry of life are universal For the first time, astronomers have detected the presence of complex organic molecules, the building blocks of life, in a protoplanetary disc surrounding… Read More

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Sun experiences seasonal changes, new research finds

By On April 7, 2015

Quasi-annual variations may hold clues to space weather NATIONAL CENTER FOR ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH/UNIVERSITY CORPORATION FOR ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH BOULDER -The Sun undergoes a type of seasonal variability with its activity waxing and waning… Read More


NASA Awards Information Technology Contracts to 118 Small, Disadvantaged Businesses

By On April 4, 2015

NASA has awarded 118 contracts to small, disadvantaged businesses under Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP V), a multi-award Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) vehicle focused on information technology products and product-based services. Of… Read More

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Naval Research Labs Researchers Pattern Magnetic Graphene

By On March 16, 2015

Graphene, an atomically thin sheet of carbon, has been intensively studied for the last decade to reveal exceptional mechanical, electrical, and optical properties. Recently, researchers have started to explore an even more… Read More


NASA and Planetary Resources, Inc. Announce Results of the Asteroid Data Hunter Challenge

By On March 15, 2015

New Desktop Application Has Potential to Increase Asteroid Detection, Now Available to Public A software application based on an algorithm created by a NASA challenge has the potential to increase the number… Read More


New NASA Mission to Study Ocean Color, Airborne Particles and Clouds

By On March 15, 2015

NASA is beginning work on a new satellite mission that will extend critical climate measurements of Earth’s oceans and atmosphere and advance studies of the impact of environmental changes on ocean health,… Read More


Bitcoin Pioneer Inks Contract for Satellite Constellation

By On March 13, 2015

Jeff Garzik’s Dunvegan Space Systems to Partner with Deep Space Industries on New Project Atlanta, GA – March 12, 2015.  Jeff Garzik, Bitcoin pioneer and CEO of Dunvegan Space Systems (DSS) announced… Read More


NASA finds Jupiter moon harbors more salt water than on all of Earth

By On March 13, 2015

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has the best evidence yet for an underground saltwater ocean on Ganymede, Jupiter’s largest moon. The subterranean ocean is thought to have more water than all the water… Read More


Breathtaking First images from Indian Mars Orbiter Spacecraft

By On March 4, 2015

India has released its first images from the Mars Orbiter Spacecraft and they are absolutely fantastic. About the mission: “Marking India’s first venture into the interplanetary space, MOM will explore and observe Mars… Read More

new research says comet destroys dinosaurs
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Dartmouth Scientists Show New Evidence That Comet Killed Dinosaurs, Not Asteroid

By On February 25, 2015

Some 66 million years ago, a giant hurtling mass killed off almost all the dinosaurs and around 70 percent of all other species living on Earth.  Most scientists think that the extinction… Read More


European Rover Challenge 2015 and Space Days in Poland

By On February 23, 2015

The Space Days Poland conference and the second edition of the European Rover Challenge will take place on 3 – 6 September in Poland. „This is an important event for the space… Read More


Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Still Shrinking

By On February 21, 2015

The famous “Great Red Spot” is at its smallest size ever, according to recent measurements by the Hubble Space Telescope. These observations show that the Great Red Spot has shrunk to 10250… Read More


Last ATV reentry leaves legacy for future space exploration

By On February 21, 2015

ESA’s fifth automated cargo ferry completed its mission to the International Space Station today when it reentered the atmosphere and burned up safely over an uninhabited area of the southern Pacific Ocean.… Read More

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New SPHERE instrument images its first faint brown dwarf

By On February 18, 2015

The new SPHERE instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope has been used to search for a brown dwarf expected to be orbiting the unusual double star V471 Tauri. SPHERE has given astronomers… Read More